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Who Is JB?

Greetings. Welcome to my online ‘Man Cave’. I go by the nickname “JB”. It is short for my name: Jean Borde. The “Jean” is French and means “John” in English. As you guessed, I am supposed to have French ancestry but a recent DNA test, which I will cover on another page, shows my ancestry is more mixed than simply “French”.

You were a Missionary?

I once did many years of missionary work in various countries. In all those years, I have found that spirituality is more about the inner you, the part that no one sees. Developing the persona of “good” is actually about doing good and not just talking about it. For instance, what is the point of a dozen prayers, memorized scriptures and so forth… yet when someone asks for help you turn them away or simply ignore them?

Are you sure you are not a Monk?

I dabble in many things but in the forefront I am a realist, minimalist, and vegan. I do not push my lifestyle on anyone but I am willing to share it if someone is willing to listen. For example, as a minimalist I find myself happier in not having to be surrounded by many things or even concerning myself with the same. It allows me to concentrate on what matters.

Bread and Vegan Butter

For work, I wear the hat of a front end web designer, videographer and social media content creator. I come from the era of dial up modems so I learned how to build sites and edit codes using NotePad .However, I keep myself present for other things in order to enure needs are met.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.”

— Steve Jobs

A Parent of Special Needs

As a dad of three children with special needs, making good use of my time is very important to me. I live a very challenging life and it has altered me in a way I never knew possible. I am more aware now, ‘unplugged’ as it were.

Small Mercies

You can DONATE but if you cannot please SUBSCRIBE to my channel so you can be informed when I have something new. Please ask others to do the same to support what I do and who I deeply love and care about. In so doing, you help me to reach just a little bit closer to achieving more for those who have so little. You can also follow or like me on Facebook. This page will be my ‘Man Cave’ as is explained on my About page.

An encounter with me

I tend to document what I experience be it through writing or video in order to share it with others. Most times, if I go to any place I have a camera in hand an am secretly analyzing all before me to see how best I can present it to a wider audience.

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The above shows the latest videos from my JB Man Cave channel but you will find it is more diverse than what you see above. Please make sure to check it out and if you identify with anything feel free to comment about it.

17 thoughts on “Who Is JB?”

  1. Hallow brother, my name is Richard from Tanzania, can i get you whatsapp numbe in order to call you cause we in trouble with ZD30 engine

  2. Hello Jean Borde? I am a Trinidadian residing in California for many many.years. I had.some friends who lived in St. James on the corner of. Bombay Street and the.Western Main Road. Their father was a pharmacist whose pharmacy was on the same site as the residence. Are you related by any chance. [..]

  3. Hello, I am living in Canada for many years and it is a joy to see you travel throughout the country. By the way, is your mother’s name the same as you? If so, I believe that I knew her coming to Dr. Watson office in Woodbrook. My email is [..], appreciate a response thank you.

  4. Andres Villafana

    Looking for Cascade and a Janne Borde from Cascade. Not sure how to spell Janne??
    We lived at [..] Cascade??

      1. Just discovered your videos on YouTube. Quite enjoyable. Left Trinidad as a child, visited recently. The videos are visually pleasing and your voice is soothing and sometimes the quietness as your travel the road like to Maracas is very meditative. Brings back good memories and wonderful to see places I don’t recall. Nice work and thank you.

        1. Thank you kindly for watching and your feedback. you can find more on Trinidad here.

  5. Hello what type of Go Pro camera do you have? By the way thank you so much for taking us on your journey in Trinidad, i am retired and sits in front of my TV all day looking at your videos. Awesome!!!
    I left Trinidad over 40yrs and is loving the journey back.

  6. My brother introduce me to your program and I am very impressed I live in the US for many years left Trinidad many years ago and you have shown me parts of my country that I have never known,even the tone of your voice is so interesting,Did you ever live on Cipriani Blvd near Tragarete Rd ,just curious,loving your program,reply if possible,my name is Gloria God bless you are so real you criticize the same things I see you have my support .

  7. I am a Jamaican married to a Trini who enjoys watching your videos. We appreciate what you are doing and enjoy traveling through Trinidad with you. It’s a wonderful experience since I’ve never traveled to Trinidad and my husband has not gone back since he left there as a child. One thing however, could you focus a little more on important details like certain writings on buildings or monuments. For example: when you passed by the building with the medalists; we were trying to read the names but was unable to. Thanks

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