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Realist – Keep It Real Please

We live in a world of illusions. What is made to seem good is really evil and vice versa. It is hard to know what is true if you do not thoroughly research things and find out for yourself. I find this is especially true with the dreaded topics of politics and religion. As a realist, I take everything I read and hear with ‘a grain of salt’ or in other words I do not simply believe just off the bat.

In most things, there is corruption and the corrupt people usually tell you things hoping that you believe so they can stay seated in their comfort zone.

Sometimes people have enough of the lies and the nonsense and you end up with things like the American and French Revolutions. There is nothing new about this… it has been the way of mankind from the beginning because people are largely self-serving and care little about how their actions affect others. This isn’t to say that there aren’t those who are the opposite, BUT they do not tend to be the ones leading countries and religious organizations – get my drift?

Politics and Religion are used to sway the masses in certain directions with the hope they will comply, stay quiet and allow those who issue the rules, policies and regulations to remain in power.

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