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Autism Dad

I’m the Dad Of 3 children on the Autism Spectrum. When I first heard the term “Autism Dad” I was perplexed at it being a name I would give myself because it sounded as if I am a dad who is also autistic.

I am not autistic, my children are, but the larger community of parents who have autistic children refer to themselves as such so I went along with it too. I am not offended by being called an “Autism Dad” and have used the term a lot in the past, however now I refer to myself as a Dad of Three Autistic Children because it is grammatically correct more than anything else.

Being a Dad of a special needs child takes more than the normal output a parent has to make – if parenting can even be considered ‘normal’. When you multiply that by three it can become very adventurous among other things. It has changed my life totally. I see things now in a perspective that I did not see before and a lot of this is expressed in my videos.

Below, I will share a playlist of the videos I made about Autism and the others that you can watch at your leisure.

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