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4×4 Truck and Mods

I have a Nissan D22 Frontier with a ZD30 engine making it a beast of a vehicle. Added to that are my custom mods and fittings to make it an adventure vehicle.

Even so, maintaining a diesel truck is not a simple task especially when it is an older model. I have created a line of D22 fixes that may assist you with your own vehicle. Some tips may also have application to other makes and models.

FYI: In some countries, like Australia, the D22 is known as the “Navara”. Where I am the Navara refers to the D40 and newer trucks made by Nissan.

2 thoughts on “4×4 Truck and Mods”

  1. Thanks for these videos they are very helpful. I was able to change my fuel filter for the first time with your step by step instructions!

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