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Real Discussion

One of the things I have maintained for over twenty years is a Community for online Discussion based on a forum / bulletin format. This existed long before there was a Facebook or Twitter platform.

Most internet users will say forums are ‘old’ and no one uses them any more. The people who say this have been online for a long time. Those who have not been surfing as long are unaware of a whole new experience.

While I agree that not as many people use forum / bulletin board software anymore the form of discussion is not ‘old’. People gravitate towards things like Facebook because they want simple and fast. They also want to be able to share photos of themselves and be as narcissistic as possible without anyone getting in their way. However, the end result is that no true discussion takes place.

Even if there was a good discussion on Facebook, it would be hidden or lost as time goes by. This is where a well managed forum comes in… what you say is preserved and well published so it can be found later.

Additionally, in the Community I administer, it requires various steps to ensure we keep spammers, trolls and delinquents out so that true writers can feel at peace while they share their thoughts on various subjects.

Interestingly enough, one of the many things that my Community provides is the ability to participate in text RPGs or text role-playing games as explained here.

Have a look at the Community: International Discussions and join for free or you can see the feed below of the latest Topics / some Highlights:

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